Revista Alice

Objecto: Artigos vários para revista do Clube de Criativos, primeiro em papel e agora em pixéis.
Objectivo: Alongar headlines e exercitar o bodycopy.
O Nabo
A Lista
Second fiddles list, silver medal syndrome, almost-heroes who escaped history books and arbitrary frustrations of medium size characters

And so the story goes not:

- Giselle Bundchen’s not so identical twin sister - Any human being who kisses, dates or marries Madonna - Einstein’s wife - Prodigal son’s brother - Antonio Meucci, the man who invented what Bell patented - Poor Ford A with so much less mileage than Ford T - The other Microsoft founder - The man that sold his Apple shares per $800 back in 1976 - The almost discovered actress when the lead actress almost broke her leg but in the end it was only a dislocation, “I’m all right! I’m all right!” and so she kisses her career goodbye - Famous or not famous, Emilio Estevez chose to be his mother’s son and Nicolas Cage renounced his uncle - The almost goal - The almost escape - The almost orgasm - The almost perfect - The second oldest profession in the world (go-between?) - Polly, more human but also less famous than sheep Dolly - Ayman Au-Zawahiri, FBI’s second most wanted terrorist - The astronaut after Neil Armstrong - Those who could have been grand if they hadn’t died young - Those who could have remained grand if they had the decency to die young - The 17 times Hitler was nearly assassinated - Best, the drummer The Beatles had many years before having a Best-Of - All the suicide bombers that reach paradise and turn left on the wrong cloud and end up with 40 thieves instead of 40 virgins - Models who almost turned actresses (Glad you made it, Charlize Theron) - Just for conceptual hygiene let’s straighten the Strausses up, Johann Strauss II composed the waltz Blue Danube and Richard composed Also Sprach Zarathustra. (For naming advises please talk to the artist previously know as Prince) - Between Louis Majorelle and Yves Klein, the only men to name a kind of blue, Miles Davis wins. - This list, compared to Schindler’s list.