Salsichas Nobre

Objecto: Primeiro anúncio TV de um dos produtos mais icónicos da Nobre
Objectivo: Apelar à nostalgia dos portugueses com uma lata que os acompanha há 50 anos

English friendly: Despite being the most famous portuguese sausage can, Nobre Salsichas never aired a TV ad, that's why in its 50th anniversary it appeared this ad playing with the idea of a memory box, like those where kids kept their marbles and first love letters.

We all have a little tin can
Where we keep life’s memories
In mine I keep school’s playground
Teacher’s reprimands
Neighbour’s complaints
Mariana’s kiss
And the slow where everything started
In my little tin can
I find my summer holydays
Scenes from the first movie I saw
Scenes from the first movie I experienced
Saturday nights
Sunday afternoons
Monday mornings
One heritage
One heir
And an everlasting taste. Nobre Sausages